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iRay USA RH25 Pictail Adapter


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What is the iRay RH25 Pictail Adapter and is it important to consider?

This adapter is REQUIRED for anyone looking to helmet or weapon mount the RH25 thermal.

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing this at the same time as purchasing your RH25 Monocular. Save money on shipping by combining into the same order at the same time.

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More information on the RH25 Pictail Adapter for the RH25 thermal:

The Pictail Adapter for the RH25 Thermal monocular is required for users who desire to helmet or weapon mount their new RH25 thermal unit. This Pictail adapter fastens with two Allen screws to the bottom of the RH25 thermal unit.

Features of the Pictail Adapter:

This aluminum one piece adapter features a built in dovetail as well as a Picatinny rail section. The dovetail is Milspec and will work with the Mod Armory Bridge (Found HERE) or the Panobridge (Found HERE). Allen wrenches are required to install this adapter to the RH25.

Where can you purchase the RH25 Thermal?

The RH25 thermal monocular can be found HERE.








Dovetail Type Milspec
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