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InfiRay Outdoor RH50 V2 Weapon Mounted Thermal

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Lead Time on this product: 15-30 days (email cs@arkayne.com for more details)
The iRay RH50 and RH35 are absolutely potent weapon mounted thermal monoculars.

Purpose built to bring the superpower of thermal vision to your night fighting rifle, the RH50 and RH35 are exceptional. Our team has always pursued finding the best thermal scopes for night hunts, the RH50 and RH35 deliver a potency that is on another level. If you are on the hunt for your next thermal scope, the RH50 or RH35 may be the right fit for you.

A few notable features of the RH50 and RH35 thermal scope:
– Integrated QD base allows fast attachment to any standard Picattiny rail system
– 640X512 core for extremely crisp images and fantastic detection
– 50mm objective with a base magnification of 3X (2X magnification for the RH35)
– Digital magnification up to 12X max
– extremely fast 50HZ refresh rate: Think landing shots on running coyotes with ease (if you do your part of course)
– 1024X768 screen resolution
– Multiple reticle types available
– Picture in Picture mode
– Aluminum body for durability
– IP67 weather resistance

The RH50 and RH35 are packed with many features that make them a favorite among our team.

We do recommend adding the following accessories to your order:

American Defense MFG base (more refined, more secure than the factory mount)
Extra battery for the RH50 and RH35 (who doesn’t want double the run time?)
ILR-1000 external laser range finder (Ranging those kill shots is critical)

Don’t need a dedicated weapon mounted thermal? Consider the RH25 or the MH25 thermal monoculars.


The RH50 and RH35 Thermals are dedicated weapon mounted thermal scopes.

Dedicated weapon mounted thermal scopes, like the RH50 and the RH35, are our go to for night hunting. When it comes to fast target acquisition and precision engagements, weapon mounted thermal is king. Having a 640X512 core allows for extremely crisp imagery and immediate target detection. Advertised detection is over 2000 yards. This scope will show you things in the darkness that you wouldn’t see otherwise. What is hidden to night vision becomes clear with a high spec thermal scope.

iRay dedicated thermal scopes have proven to be some of the best scopes on the market.

When it comes to thermal or night vision, you get what you pay for. Skimping on the quality ends up ruining hunts. While there are many lower priced options on the market, it is important to make sure you get the right unit. Buy once, cry never. We have spent years running dozens of different units from various brands. We continue to keep coming back to iRay as one of the premium options for night hunting, navigation, detection and evasion.

Weapon mounted scopes aren’t just for hunting.

Many people mistakenly believe that the only purpose to weapon mounted thermal is for hunting situations. While thermal scopes do shine in this role, owning thermal is perfectly in line with our rights as stated in the 2A. Our citizens ought to be equally or better armed to our government. Having thermal monoculars, weapon mounted scopes and nightvision strengthens our communities and protects us from abuse. Being able to see in the dark is a true superpower.

The RH50 and RH35 bring the darkness to light.

If you desire the clarity and crispness of a quality weapon mounted thermal, consider the RH50 or the RH35. Built to last with an all aluminum IP67 rated body, the RH50 and RH35 are designed to run for years to come.


Onboard Recording: Video and Image
Sensor Resolution: 640×512
Detection Range: 2400 Yards
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Sensor Pixel Size: 12μm
Objective Focal Length: 50mm f/1.1
Optical Magnification: 3X
Digital Magnification: 4X


1.) What is the battery life of the RH50 

The RH50 will offer up to 10 hours of standby, 6 hours of constant scanning. We recommend adding a second battery if you plan to be out all night. You can find this battery HERE.

2.) What are proper batteries for the RH50? 

The RH50 comes with one OL-iRay-AC07 battery. This is not something you will find at your local store. It is a proprietary rechargeable battery pack.

3.) What is included with the RH50? 

The RH50 includes a QD base for Picatinny mounting, battery, instruction manual, various cables for charging and data transferring and some tools in a soft carry case. Please note: This unit is packaged by iRAY USA. Packaging and included contents MAY vary over time.

4.) How much better is 640 vs 320 or 384 core?  

We typically only recommend 640×480 or better cores. The image clarity and quality is substantially better than a 320 or 384 core. With that being said, if your budget doesn’t allow the price tag of a 640 core, lower resolution may be the only option. You can get a lot of work done with lower resolution, but when it comes to helmet mounting, 640×480 is the way. We will say this: iRay has done a fantastic job with their 384 core thermal units. We have been blown away by the clarity. It won’t be as crisp as a 640×480 or 640×512, but it is definitely capable.

5.) What about a warranty?

Contact iRay after purchase to register for their warranty. If there is ever an issue, we would be happy to assist. Ultimately, if a unit is defective, iRay will handle the replacement. However, part of us doing right by our customers is helping any way we can. If you experience issues, email us at CS@Arkayne.com.

6.) Is the RH50 able to be helmet mounted or used as a handheld? 

Negative on the helmet mounting. Technically it “could” be used as a handheld, but this is a dedicated weapon mounted thermal. If helmet or handheld thermal is desired, check out the other options on our website.

7.) Does the RH50 feature internal recording? 

Yes, the RH50 can record videos or photos internally. The files can be easily transferred by plugging the unit into your computer.

8.) Is the ILR-1000 range finder actually necessary? 

We think so. Ranging target is difficult when using thermal. It is very different than a daylight optic. While it is true that over time you will get better at ranging, having a laser range finder mounted and plugged into the unit takes the safety and precision to a new level. Remember: we are sending rounds in TOTAL darkness. Make sure you have the tools to be safe and make consistent hits.

9.) What is the best base magnification of a thermal scope? 

We tend to prefer lower magnifications for our terrain. That being said, anything 1-4X base magnification will suffice for most folks. Any higher and it gets harder to scan larger areas. If you already have helmet mounted thermal, this is a non-issue as you will scan with that. Remember: the base magnification will be the clearest magnification. Everything higher is digital. We like using the base magnification and PIP mode when shooting prey.


We HIGHLY recommend the following accessories when purchasing this unit:


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  1. Justin Kramer

    What a game changer for me. Fox or Coyote don’t stand a chance. Ethan made the recommendation to me while iRay was running their special and I couldn’t be happier with the unit so far. This is my first thermal, getting familiar with the interface was different, but easy once you do it a few times. Thanks to the guys at Arkayne.com for the great support and communication.

A note about our current lead times:

Arkayne is a RAPIDLY growing brand. Because of that, some of our suppliers have a hard time keeping up. There are occasions where WE experience lead times from our partners, and we do our absolute best to post the lead times at the top of our product pages. BEFORE PURCHASING: look at the lead time on the product pages. If you have ANY questions regarding lead times,  Email: cs@arkayne.com and we will send you our closest ETA. We know you are pumped to get your gear, and we will process your order as fast as possible. We aren’t Amazon, we are a small US owned business that gives a rip about getting you equipped. We will get you your gear ASAP. See you in the darkness.