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InfiRay Outdoor CBL19 Handheld Thermal


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We recognize that not everyone wants, needs, or can afford a $4-6K thermal setup.

The iRay cabin series is built to offer quality and clarity in handheld/compact units. Having an inexpensive handheld thermal monocular on tap is like having a superpower at your disposal. The CBL19 features the clarity we love from the ML19, but at a more affordable price point. The only real “downside” of this unit is it cannot be helmet mounted. But for anyone navigating and hunting in the darkness, the CBL19 offers high performance at entry level pricing.

A few features of the CBL19:

  • Internal video, photo and audio recording
  • 2X base magnification (up to 4X digital)
  • 1280X960 display resolution
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 6 hour run time with included battery pack

If you are looking for the ULTIMATE budget night vision hunting setup, we HIGHLY suggest the iRay TD50L coupled with this handheld thermal. Own the darkness, become Defiantly Free.

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IRAY CBL19 Handheld Thermal: A budget option with high end performance.

The IRAY CBL19 Handheld Thermal is budget friendly, yet packed with features. Most people know of the MH25 and RH25 from iRay. What if we told you that you did not need to spend $4-6K on a thermal to be effective in the darkness? It’s true, the CBL19 offers so many of the features we love in higher end units, but does so at such an amazing price.

Built for anyone who needs thermal capabilities in the darkness.

The InfiRay Outdoor Cabin Series is a compact and powerful optic that operates easily with one hand. The CABIN is available with multiple lens options and its 50Hz 12 μm Micro II sensor featuring InfiRay’s next generation MATRIX III processing ensures an unmatched viewing experience on it’s HD display. Standard features of the Cabin Series include a quick focus F/1.0 lens, stadiametric rangefinder, image and video capture, wireless connectivity, picture in-picture and an LED flashlight to guarantee you have everything you’ll need in the palm of your hand.

Use as a primary scanning tool, backup, or buddy unit.

The CBL19 has proven to be capable and clear enough that we use it as a primary unit WITHOUT hesitation. Historically we have been critical of 384 core thermal monoculars. iRay has changed the game. They offer 384×288 core resolution thermals, like the CBL19, that are deceptively clear. By deceptively we mean they LOOK and perform SO close to their 640X480 counterparts. It is truly incredibly.

We have found much success using the CBL19 in tandem with iRay’s TD50L. These two in combination truly give our customers the ability to descend into darkness with tools to own their territory. Consider the CBL19 as your entry into thermal, or your next backup handheld thermal monocular. Available on our site now.

Sensor Resolution


Optical Magnification

2X Base

Digital Magnification


Sensor Pixel Size

12 Micron

Sensor Frame Rate

50 HZ

Objective Focal Length

19mm F/1.0

Objective Diameter


Objective F #


Detection Range


Imaging Modes

White, Black, Red, Rainbow

Mounting System

Not Applicable



Eye Relief


Operation Time

Advertised 6 hours, expect 4-5 hours


14.22 Ounces

Weather Resistance

IP67 Rated

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What role does a handheld thermal monocular play? Are they viable options? Answer: Handheld units are extremely versatile. They can be placed into a pocket, do not need mounts or attachments. From a discreet standpoint, using handheld thermal monoculars is possible even in “less friendly” environments and situations. In other words, slipping a handheld thermal into your pocket after scanning for targets is much easier than tossing your helmet into a bag with your bridge and nods. Not that you’d be scanning anything sensitive or working on ingress or egress plans with your crew. But we digress. Handheld thermals are also AMAZING “throwaway” units or buddy units. We only recommend what we run and believe in. The CBL19 fits into that category.

2.) Is 384X288 core resolution enough? Answer: Historically we would have answered this with a resounding NO. But iRay has truly changed the game. Their 384 units are NEARLY as crispy as the 640 units. Yeah, it’s wild. We love the ML19, and the CBL19 packs the same specs into a handheld unit at a crazy price. For less than $2K you get the superpower to see in the darkness.

3.) What is the best way to utilize the CBL19? Answer: Since the CBL19 cannot be helmet or weapon mounted, it doesn’t provide a shooting solution. We have found the TD50L night vision scope from iRay to be a PERFECT companion to the CBL19 for all night shenanigans. Whether pursuing or evading, these two units provide users the ability to SEE and SHOOT in the darkness; A respectable skillset for all free red blooded Americans.

Use the CBL19 to scan and identify prey or threats, use the TD50L to make them past tense. These two coupled together are a complete package and a lot of bang for your buck.

4.) Who is the CBL19 NOT for? Answer: Honestly the only person who shouldn’t have one is someone who is dead set on getting helmet or weapon mounted thermal. But even for those folks we recommend considering the CBL19 as a handheld/buddy/discreet backup thermal. It’s much faster to pocket a CBL19 and “dip” versus hiding all your helmet and other gear. Remember that.

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