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The WORST Night Vision Loadout

  • November 8, 2023
  • By Brenton

The WORST Night Vision Loadout

Well… Jaren has officially created the worst night vision loadout on the market. This extreme budget set-up will get your foot into the world of tactical gear and LARPing… but arguably will take you in the wrong direction. If you want to watch the full rundown, watch the video below. If you want a quick rundown, read below to see what Jarren has in his kit.

Jared showing Jarren how to talk on camera

Details of the Loadout


I got this cool helmet on, I chose this one because it was the right color, I didn’t want to be mistaken as one of the bad guys. Nothing like uniting together for global control……. and peace. The color may also protect me from lasers, and I think it’s bullet proof. The helmet came with a riot shield that I had to take off because my night vision unit hit it when I flipped it down. I also realized I needed a counterbalance for my set up, so I found a piece of metal scrap behind the TA Targets shop that brought balance to my helmet. I put some Velcro on the metal and slapped it onto my helmet and was in business.


It took me a little digging to find info on the mount, because I got it for free from a guy at a yard sale. He asked me to please take it, he said his buddies were making fun of him when he used it. Some people don’t know how to find quality friends. Some people don’t know how to find friends at all……. Anyways the mount is a Norotos RHNO mount, with a PVS 14 bayonet J Arm that I found in my twin brother Jared’s closet at his home while he wasn’t there, and figured it would be perfect, plus it didn’t cost me anything.


The unit I use is a NAIT NVPS10. This baby is my pride and joy. I got it off a guy on Facebook Marketplace. He had it listed for $500 or a Kidney, so I figured for $500 who needs a second kidney. I didn’t check what the specs are online, but as the anesthesia was wearing off I asked him what the FOM rating was as he handed it to me in the back of his van. He said it was 5,000,000 FOM. And I thought to myself I have found my unicorn, just like all the unicorns that were prancing around in the back of his van.

I don’t care what Ethan or Jared say about this unit not auto gating. It’s mine and it’s perfect just how it is, who cares if I bump into trees from time to time.


My Tactical vest was another score off of It has amazing digital camo for blending in, and plenty of pockets for all my gear. I also think a good tactical vest make you an imposing figure and lets people know you mean business. It’s just as good as a plate carrier or chest rig.


I use a Motorola 2-mile radio for all my LARP activities. It’s a great radio for keeping in touch with my buddies who are LARPing… or the voices in my head.


Can you believe I picked up a Roadmaster in a guy’s front yard for a bag of cats and a hammer?

Jarred kept saying there was something wrong with that guy. But I thought to myself as I was rounding up the cats that he seemed normal to me.

A few rattle cans later and I got myself a stealth machine, run off renewable, green energy. Just like the Swiss.



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