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Vortex 45 Degree Mount

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The Vortex 45 Degree Mount is an offset mount designed for MIL-STD 1913 rails and provides a low profile way to put a secondary attachment point out beyond the rail. It works great for offset red dots, lights and other accessories.

A few reasons why we trust the Vortex 45° offset mount
  • It’s made from machined aluminum (it’s durable)
  • Simple design allows for easy installation
  • Low profile means less bulk on your rifle

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Vortex 45 Degree Mount

The Vortex 45 Degree Mount is pretty simple when it comes down to it. It allows you to mount an optic, flashlight or any other rail accessory on a 45° angle. This can allow you to run an offset red dot while also having a scope mounted on your rifle.

This mount from Vortex attaches to any MIL-STD 1913 rail and provides a low profile way to put a secondary attachment point out beyond the rail.

What advantage does a 45° offset mount provide?

When building a rifle with a high-powered scope, sometimes a red dot is needed to achieve closer distance shooting. This allows you to slightly rotate your rifle to utilize an offset red dot for faster sight picture.

Are 45 degree mounts great for everyone?

Ultimately using a 45 degree mount is just one method for adding a backup red dot. There are other options on the market that mount on top of scope rings or mount at a lesser angle than 45 degrees. Ultimately, this mount is just a no-nonsense simple and durable way to add an offset dot to your rifle without spending too much. Offset dots are amazing when your primary optic is a scope of some flavor. This is especially true with DMR or RECCE builds.

Manufacturer: Vortex
Finish: Black Matte
Mount Type: MIL-STD 1913
Material: Aluminum
Who is it for?

The Vortex 45° Mount is for anyone looking to have an offset red-dot on their rifle or simply just to have another attachment point. It offers a secure way to mount accessories to clean up your rail.

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