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Advanced Single-Arm Night Vision Mount

The AX14 mount is meant for anyone looking to run a PVS-14 on a dovetail style mount, like the G24. We often steer customers in this direction if they know eventually they will run a bridged or binocular setup anyway.

Easy to install, easy to use, lightweight.

The AX14 installs in seconds onto a PVS-14 housing and requires only a flat screwdriver to tighten. Users can choose which eye to place the PVS-14 over and can take advantage of dovetail style mounts for their helmet. Often this positions our customers in a better place. Rather than spending all that money on a G11 that they eventually won’t need, they buy a G24 now with the AX14 and never look back.

If you believe you eventually will run a bridged setup or binos, consider this cool little addition to your PVS-14.

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Versatile mounting of a PVS-14

A large pitfall of the PVS-14 is the factory J arm. We say this because we know that MOST users end up eventually running a bridged setup or binos. They purchase a G11 mount for a J arm now, only to spend a few hundred dollars more shortly down the road for something like a G24. The G24 along with other mount models utilize a Milspec dovetail adapter. This is ideal, especially for users considering a binocular device purchase in their future.

Much more versatile, even lighter weight

This is the ideal mount to go along with your new PVS14 Monocular. This mount is less than half the weight and much more stiff than a milspec J-Arm. The Ax14 features a rotating knuckle providing a tight stow against the helmet as well as allowing the monocular to swivel away from the eye temporarily. This mount method also provides a slight rearward-swept monocular position to offer greater helmet compatibility. Your PVS14 will be more stable than ever with the multiple anti-rotation features this J-Arm provides. The joints are reinforced and have stainless steel washers for smoother operation. 316 stainless steel and mil spec anodized aluminum hardware along with being Maritime rated make it extremely durable. Users can run their PVS14 over their right OR left eye when using this mount.

We recommend this product for anyone who wants to run a bridged setup

If you have even the slightest notion that you eventually will own binos or a bridged setup, consider grabbing the AX14. The price is right, it is feature rich, and you can focus more on training, less on stressing about that G11 mount that you no longer need when you upgrade to binos.

Consider grabbing the AX14. If you think a G11 is best for now, you can find that mount HERE.

  • Weight: 9 oz (26 g)
  • Right or Left Eye Compatible
  • Multiple anti-rotation features prevent the monocular from rotating and loosening with vibrations
  • high performance polymer from Arkema®
  • All hardware is made of genuine, passivated 316 stainless steel and mil spec anodized aluminum
  • Helmet Mounting Compatibility: DOVETAIL
  • Inter-pupillary Distance: 55 – 75mm
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 1 x 1.25″
  • Estimated Combined Weight With a Milspec PVS-14 Attached (NO Battery, NO Eyecup Retaining Ring, NO Rubber Eyecup, NO Demist Shield Installed): 11.8 OZ
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Should I consider the AX14 mount vs simply running a J arm and G11 mount? Answer: If you believe you will eventually own a binocular night vision device, you will eventually need a different mount than a G11. If this is the case, it would possibly make more sense to grab a G24 now along with the AX14. That way down the road you don’t need to buy a mount to replace the G11 you no longer need. If your budget doesn’t allow that for now, or you don’t think you will bridge thermal or run binos, simply grab a G11 and get to work.

2.) Can I run my PVS14 over my left or right eye with the AX14? Answer: With the AX14 users can determine which eye they would like to run their PVS-14 over. Swapping between eyes is very simple to accomplish.

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  1. Ryan

    Much better than the stock arm. Theres another generation “Pro” out but this seems adequate.

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