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Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP

  • April 7, 2022
  • By arkeyne
All about the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP.

The new SE 1-8 First Focal Plane scope is a radically different step in the family line of strike eagle scopes. As many of our readers will be aware, strike eagle scopes were often in the “budget” category, and they really didn’t excel at anything. They were a great option in the world of beginner second focal plane rifle scopes, but users would quickly find that they simply lacked some of the elegance of the Razor HD line of optics. Vortex really shook things up when they dropped the new 1-8 FFP strike eagle, and we’re happy to say that we really do enjoy this radically different strike eagle scope.

Quick rundown of the specifications of the new Strike Eagle:

Before we dive too far into the specifications and features, we wanted to let you know that there is a full video covering this scope, our first impression, and how it performs at the bottom of this article. For folks who prefer to watch videos, we would encourage you to check that video out. While you are there, consider subscribing to our YouTube.

Right off the bat it is obvious that the second focal plane reticle of the strike eagle is now the way of the dodo bird. Yes, this 1-8 is a first focal plane optic. This means that the etched reticle can be used accurately with holds all throughout the magnification range. Speaking of magnification, this scope has a base magnification of 1X, maximum magnification is 8X.

The new Strike eagle has quite a few changes that create an even more refined rifle scope.

Previous strike eagles were second focal plane. This is not inherently bad, and in many cases can be ideal on 1x, as the reticle is often less cluttered with a second focal plane design. The downside of second focal plane reticles is the fact that the holds are typically only accurate at maximum magnification. Again, this is not inherently a flaw or bad, its just something to consider.

There are a few talking points to cover about the EBR-8 reticle and how it performs on the range.

The new Strike Eagle features the Vortex EBR-8 reticle. This reticle is very close to the reticle found on the Razor HD Gen III 1-10 with some minor differences. Users who enjoy the EBR-9 Reticle will be very at home with the EBR-8.

The major downside we saw during use with the EBR-8 is it is somewhat cluttered feeling on 1X. The EBR-9 found on the 1-10 has a dashed circle all the way around the center dot, thus creating the appearance of a “red dot” on 1X with illumination on. The EBR-8 reticle is somewhat of a “half moon” shape. This reminds us of what a red dot looks like if you would have an astigmatism.

LPVO’s and Eye relief are typically a sore conversation piece.


Yet another great trait of the new LPVO is the eye relief. The 1-10 has some negative feedback surrounding eye relief, especially on 10X. The new scope did not exhibit the same “finicky” nature. I also have experienced the illuminated dot coming in and out of illumination if my eye was not lined up perfectly. This was not so on the new strike eagle scope.

If you watch the full YouTube video, you will notice that I was also very impressed with the clarity. In the past the strike eagles I have owned have had some lens distortion especially around the edges of the glass. I did not notice this at all on the 1-8 FFP. This is great because the distortion of older models was very distracting during transitions.

So to summarize the added features: We are very impressed with what Vortex is doing here.

Wrapping up this blog, let’s talk about some final thoughts of the new Strike Eagle rifle scope.

When we shot the first video covering the 1-8 FFP, we did not even know the price of this optic. I had guessed in the video that it would be a $1500 optic. I was very wrong and, as it turns out, street price should be just under $600. That’s a lot of scope for your dollar. Add all the functions together, the first focal plane construction, included throw lever and adequate illumination and we are left with a solid optic that hold its own against even the Razor HD line. The one major update I would suggest to vortex is the illumination. I would love to see it have a few more higher power brightness settings.


Is the new Strike Eagle worth it? Who is it for? Who should consider it?

The new strike eagle bridges the gap between the Razor HD Gen II and III lines and creates and affordable yet high performance rifle optic. Vortex has packed a ton of features into this capable FFP scope. Anyone looking for an entry level scope, or a budget performer should at least give the 1-8 a fair consideration.

We are so happy with this optic that we have decided to carry it on our website. We now stock the new 1-8 FFP and you can find that optic HERE. We are very picky about what we “endorse” and what products we are willing to retail on our website. This scope definitely makes the cut. Is it the best optic? No, but it is priced right and packed with features we know most people will love.

For more information on the Strike Eagle 1-8 FFP, see the full product page or our full YouTube video below.

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