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Vortex Pro 34mm Rings

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Vortex Optics Pro 34mm Rings

The Vortex Optics Pro 34mm Rings are a fantastic solution for any 34mm scope. The pro rings are a little less expensive than the Vortex Precision Matched rings, but still offer a high value to shooters. We offer the pro rings in various heights. Choose the height that will best serve your shooting style. Some specifications of the Pro Rings include:

  • Type 2 Low-Glare Matte Black Anodized
  • Sold in a Pair/Set
  • Laser Engraved Torque Specifications
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Made/Machined in the USA

Grab a set of rings today to get your rifle into action.


Vortex Optics Pro 34mm Rings

The Vortex Optics Pro 34mm Rings are a high value, reasonably priced solution for scopes. Scope rings are traditionally reserved for bolt action rifles, however these rings will find a home on any build. We stock various height rings to accommodate any build and setup. The Pro 34mm rings are a lower cost option to the precision matched rings, but still offer a high quality solution.

Various height rings for all load outs/builds.

Different rifle builds and uses demand different scope ring heights. We offer various heights for this reason. For example: if you plan to front mount an RH25, the 1.45″ rings will probably be the best solution. If you want to keep the scope as low to your bore as possible, a lower mount is a better option. Ultimately, most precision shooters will keep the objective as low to the bore as possible. BUT if you are using clip ons, you need a height that is compatible with your clip on.

High Quality Finish & Features.

These rings are manufactured in the US from 6061 Aluminum. The Low Glare black anodizing further finishes off these rings. When you rely on your gear, you cannot settle for less than perfect. These rings pack value and features into an amazingly priced option.

Keep in mind that we also stock cantilever mounts if that suits you better.

Weight 2.05 oz. (58.12g)
Center Scope Height 1.10″ (27.9mm)
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) Should I buy rings or a cantilever mount?

Answer: The answer is: it depends. Most AR15 style rifles will benefit from a cantilever mount. Cantilever mounts are also less prone to movement when struck or impacted. In other word: They are strong as heck. BUT: For more precision oriented applications or bolt action rifles, a more traditional set of rings might be the move. You CAN also mount rings on an AR15. Just pay attention to the scope ring height and be sure to order the proper ones. For most AR15’s the 1.45″ option will be the best.

2.) Which height ring is right for me?

Answer: This one is dependent on a ton of factors. Let’s start with you thermal nerds: If you want to run a front mounted clip on, like the RH25 or NOX18, the 1.45″ height will be the go to for you. If you are not running a clip on, most people will benefit from a lower ring. Ultimately, you can go as low as you want, so long as your rifle, your objective, and your receiver do not impact.

3.) How do I measure for lowest possible ring height?

Answer: Ring heights shown are approximately from base of ring to center of ring. Basically you need to find out how much clearance is needed for your particular scope. Start with your scope objective. Measure that with a tape measure. Now divide that number by 2. This is the dimension from CENTER of your scope to the LOWEST point on the objective. Now consider the options available. For example: If your objective measures 2.5″, half that distance is 1.25″. You need a ring that accounts for that 1.25″. In other words, your only option would be to run the 1.45″ rings. Each rifle is different. If you need help measuring, email us: cs@arkayne.com.

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