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Cloud Defensive REIN 2.0


Cloud Defensive REIN weapon lights are some of the most potent weapon lights in existence.

We were proud to bring these lights to our website. We have used the REIN 2.0 and REIN 2.0 Micro on a few of our personal builds in the armory. We are absolutely mind blown how potent these weapon lights are.

Designed to make dark light. The REIN 2.0 lights come with Clouds’ picatinny mount and the Cloud Defensive pressure pad. These weapon lights function with either a momentary button or constant on. They can also be activated with a push button on the rear of the housing. Even if your cord is destroyed, the light will function with the push button. New, smaller head and higher output means an even more effective weapon light.



Cloud Defensive REIN 2.0

The Cloud defensive REIN 2.0: Proud to be the best, this is Cloud Defensive’s answer to real world feedback resulting in very powerful and extremely configurable features with massively reduced size and weight, as well as more capability. Smaller, lighter and brighter, what more could you ask for? It also comes with a Picatinny Rail mount.

The little lights that slap

You ever stare into the sun? That’s what the REIN 2.0 weapon lights are like. Both the REIN 2.0 and REIN 2.0 Micro can easily illuminate to distances of up to 200 yards. Indoors, they are incredibly bright. So bright that if you were on the receiving end, they would seriously mess you up. The included picatinny mount and pressure switch is easy to mount and use. The pressure switch and tail cap also double as cable management. This keeps your rail clean and free from snags.


The second generation of this weapon mounted light is significantly smaller than its predecessor with a 1.2″ bezel diameter, which provided the opportunity for a lower mounting lug height profile. For this reason, this next-gen light sits tighter to your gun than ever before. The head of the second gen. light fits inside of the first gen. Now thats what we call an upgrade! Not to mention, the full size REIN now sets perfectly with the shortest host platforms.

  • Full Size Length 5.9″
  • Full Size bezel diameter 1.2″

  • Micro Length 4.75″

With the remote switch and battery the REIN 2.0 full size weighs 7.25oz

Meanwhile the REIN 2.0 Micro weighs in at 6.25oz

High Candela (HC) Light Head

  • 18650: 71,000 Candela/1100 Lumens/150 minutes (full size)
  • 18350: 63,000 Candela/950 Lumens/50 minutes (Micro)
  • Reduced bezel diameter by 15% (same size as the other guys now)
  • Reduced length by 6% (shorter than the other guys now)
  • Reduced weight by 14% (lighter than the other guys now)
  • Proprietary military-grade (MIL-PRF-13830B) optical lens coating producing a now-optimized 5200k light temperature.
  • Reduced mounting lug height (sits tighter to your rail)
  • Updated Remote Switch per user request


  • State -of-the-art electrical system with the highest quality components available, Made in the US of ‘Merica
  • Includes a single 18650 (full size) or 18350 (Micro) battery. DO NOT USE CR123 batteries. use of CR123 batteries VOIDS your warranty!
  • Protected and unprotected 18650, button-top or flat-top batteries are compatible.


  • A superior electrical system and remote switch and is backwards compatible with all parts of the 1st generation REIN.
  • IPX-8 waterproof rating. REIN 2.0 and its fully-potted remote switch is fully submersible to 100ft for up to 24 hours.
  • The lens is made of 3mm thick glass. It is capable of taking multiple hits from 5.56mm Simunition rounds, at contact-distance.
  • With its panted Battery Jack feature, you can tension the battery inside the system in order to eliminate battery bounce, lengthening the life of the whole package as well as increasing reliability.
  • The patented tail-cap cartridge allows for “clocking” in order to minimize cable exposure, without taking anything apart, and it can easily be replaced. The cable for the switch exits the light perpendicular to the axis of the bore, making it less likely to get snagged.
  • The patented remote switch may be activated by hold pressure or click-on click-off functionality. As a method of redundancy, this weapon light can also be activated via the tail cap button.
  • The remote switch has been updated and is now housed in a 4th Gen Light Control System. This provides for never before seen cable management possibilities.
  • The REIN 2.0 ships with a 5″ remote switch cable.
  • Dustproof and shockproof.
  • And did we mention…. Made in the USA
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