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Arkayne Landscape Die Cut Sticker


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Proliferate knowledge, equip citizens, build up communities.

Arkayne is a movement to proliferate education and equipment to regular citizens. Tools and equipment and training that was at one time only held by a few, passed onto the many. The logo of Arkayne is symbolic of our Exodus from culture. The arrow points north, guiding our principles, ethics, morality, and path. The bottom section of the logo is broken off.

We have chosen a different path from society.

While many beg the government to feed them, care for them, provide for them, we desire freedom. While elitists lie, murder, and enrich themselves, we become strong, healthy, and capable. Freedom only exists when we exodus ourselves from this weak culture. Those who bear this symbol, are a part of the exodus. Place it proudly, as you are one of the culture changers.

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Introducing the Arkayne landscape die cut Sticker.

The Arkayne landscape die cut sticker is a perfect way to show support for the cultural exodus. Our stickers are manufactured here in the US and is made of high quality materials. Grab a sticker today, add it to your kit, represent the exodus.

This sticker is symbolic in nature and depicts movement and breaking away from culture.


This die cut monogram sticker is a high quality, aesthetic design. Perfect for placement anywhere on anything. It uses a high quality adhesive that should not leave residue, should you decide to remove it later. This sticker is perfect for lockers, phone cases, car windows, pelican cases, travel gear and much more. Represent freedom in a discreet, non-confrontational way. This sticker is discreet, but those who bear it know: We are family.

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