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10.5″ MK18 & 12.5″ Zion 15 (Select Fire VS Semi Auto)

  • July 13, 2021
  • By arkeyne

Select fire vs Semi-Auto.. When was the last time someone actually explored this with the intent of educating you? It rarely happens. Most other 07/02’s simply post cringe videos of mag dumps and poor firearms fundamentals. That isn’t what we are about.

The fact of the matter is that, unfortunately, most people accept that citizens “don’t need” select fire weapons. We find this odd. What these people are saying is that they’re ok with certain gun control, so long as it falls under their ideal conditions. Prior to 1934, Machine guns could be purchased freely, shipped directly to your door. The NFA changed all of that in 1934 and then the Hughes Amendment created yet another barrier of entry for normal citizens to exercise their rights. In May of 1986 the Hughes amendment limited NEW manufacturing of machine guns and made it so that anything not registered prior to May 19 of 1986 would be considered a “post sample” and not transferrable by average citizens. This is why you often see 07/02’s (this means 07 manufacturing FFL, 02 Special Occupation Tax/SOT) talking about “post sample” machine guns. These are machine guns manufactured after May 19, 1986 that can only legally be possessed by a licensed dealer or manufacturer. Possession of such a weapon as an average citizen could land you 10 years or more in prison and would most definitely result in you no longer having the ability to pass a background check…because of the action of the firearm. You would potentially lose your right to own firearms, regardless of whether or not your possession of the machine gun in question resulted in a crime being committed. It’s criminal.

We are an 07 FFL/02 SOT. You might ask: Why would you do that? In fact. we’ve been accused of boot licking, giving into the fed, being sell outs because of this license. The reality is, while we disagree with the regulation of firearms and machine guns, we have a duty, a responsibility to follow certain protocol to protect our team.

On a personal note: Saying screw the NFA and living free is fantastic. It’s great sentiment and honestly, knowing people live free and on their own accord is awesome. That being said, we do something like that, the ATF decides to make an example, our entire team and employees pay the price. That time is not now.

It is, however, time to educate. Use the 07/02 to educate citizens and law enforcement and military personnel about our rights as humans to own the very weapons the federal government says we are untrustworthy with. The same government that runs machine guns to cartel that, in turn, end up murdering Americans. Yeah. That government.

Look back over the last 20 years: The AR15 went from taboo to mainstream and, although the media claims it, it is NOT due to the NRA. That’s you and us. The movement is the people desiring the tools that can be used to best defend themselves. That is a cultural shift. The same thing can happen to ALL firearm actions and lengths as we continue to change culture.

Enter: This video. Semi auto vs select fire. You might ask: “what is the point?”. Good question.

The objective of this video, which is the first of many, is to debunk myths of select fire. People hear the word “machine gun” and it sounds dirty. It feels dirty. It feels “illegal”. Why? Media, politicians, the elite, government. They have ALL convinced us that select fire weapons are dirty and only for criminals. They have succeeded at this in a large part. We will take this back.

Semi autos and select fire are nearly identical. Does select fire have a place in the average citizens hands? Sure. Why not? Isn’t this the “land of the free”? Didn’t honorable men die for this land? The reality is the differences between semi auto and full auto are marginal. Some will claim the left will use this to ban semi auto’s. They can definitely try, but we have numbers and the ability to radically change culture. While they’re debating new pronouns and the next business to “cancel”, we’re normalizing life saving equipment that will eventually become mainstream again.

Give the video above a watch and let us know what you think. If you find yourself in direct opposition to citizens owning machine guns, ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • what is bringing you to this place?
  • Why do you view full auto as anything different than semi auto?
  • If the 2A is about keeping the government at bay, why would you allow the same government to tell you what you can and can’t possess?
  • If you have ever argued that laws don’t stop criminals, maybe think on that a bit.
  • You trust your governments judgement more than the people?

Food for thought: if you are OK with machine guns remaining highly regulated, you are, in fact, OK with gun control. You just like it on your terms.

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