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VariArc Helmet Mount



VariArc Helmet Mounts are a great addition to your helmet.

The VariArc mounts allow articulation which is especially helpful on helmets when mounting lights. Having the ability to mount a standard picatinny light to your head makes seeing with supplemental light a breeze. These mounts are inexpensive and light weight. We offer three variations. One is for MLOK, one is for Team Wendy Helmet, One is for OPS Core helmets. Choose the one that suits your needs best.


VariArc Helmet Mount

The VariArc Helmet mount(s) are inexpensive, lightweight and capable picatinny mounts for your helmets or rails. The beauty of these mounts is the feature a central pivot. While not critical on a firearm, per se, this is critical on your helmet. The VariArc mounts allow articulation of your helmet mounted white or IR light so you can make sure you are practicing light discipline.

Why mount lights to your helmet in the first place?

As you descend into the darkness, you will inevitably be faced with situations where supplemental light is required. Why tie up your hands or use your weapon light when you could simply use what’s on your head: Your helmet! Having a light attached to your head means you see where you are looking. This keeps your hands free and your eyes where they need to be: Down range.

Best uses for these mounts:

We often put X300V weapon lights onto our helmets. This is due to the ability to switch between white and infrared lighting. The X300V is extremely potent and features a great IR illuminator. No wires, no pressure pads or awkward buttons. Activating the X300V on our helmets is seamless. The X300V is also crazy durable.

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