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USPSA Cardboard Targets (Pack of 50)


USPSA Official Targets are an important part of your training.

Cardboard targets can be an awesome supplement to steel targets. Cardboard can help you pinpoint deficiencies in your training and can help you learn where possible mistakes are being made. When used in tandem with steel targets they complete the range training experience. Use these cardboard targets in the Cardboard Base with 1×2 Furring strips for ultimate stability.


USPSA Cardboard Targets (Pack of 50)

USPSA Cardboard targets (Pack of 50) are a perfect compliment to TA Targets steel target systems. Training on cardboard for precise tracking of performance is a must while developing certain skills and tracking certain progress.

TA Targets created these targets from USPSA spec. These are approved for USPSA use and have all necessary USPSA information on the front of the board. If you would like to order skid quantities for your club or event, TA Targets has those available HERE. USPSA created a competition specification for these targets. TA Targets have sent in samples to USPSA for approval, and have an approved number embossed into each target that is sold. This is to ensure you are receiving an approved spec target.

Skid quantities are available as well.

Generally speaking most addresses can receive a skid. If you have questions, please contact TA Targets at before placing your order. Alaska and Hawaii & international orders please contact us prior to ordering ANY USPSA Targets from our site.


– High Quality Cardboard targets manufactured right here in Pennsylvania

– Front is Craft (brown)

– Rear side is White

– These are APPROVED USPSA targets ready for use for range training or competitive uses

– USPSA A Zone, B Zone, C and D Zone labeled to spec.

– Perfect for practice and training

– Work well with a Cardboard Target Base.

– Work well with our Cardboard Target Shooting Sticks

– This is a pack of 50 USPSA Cardboard Targets

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