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Target Base Extended Paper Holders

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Target Base Extended Paper Holder Kit

This paper holder kit is specifically for the Cardboard Base or Breakdown Target Base. These paper holders are the latest generation which now feature 3/8-16 tapped holes! These tapped holes work well to add tension to your furring strips to keep everything in place. If you are on a hilly or windy range, these new paper holders are a MUST. Also consider adding thumb screws to your order. If you train with 24X36 Paper Targets, these are the paper holders you need. If you train with USPSA targets, consider using the standard paper holders.

NOTE: Although the Photos show a base, a base IS NOT INCLUDED with this purchase. Purchase Breakdown Base Separately.


Target Base Extended Paper Holders

You are looking at Target base extended paper holders for the TA Targets Breakdown Target Base. In this kit is everything you need to get back to shooting paper and cardboard targets again on your Breakdown Target Base OR Cardboard Target Base. Note: On the Cardboard Target Base these will be installed UNDER the cardboard base legs. If you have questions, email us. They will NOT fit on top like the standard paper holders.


  • One Right Extended Paper Holder
  • One Left Extended Paper Holder
  • 4 Bolts
  • 4 Wing Nuts for easy tool-less installation

You may find that you want to buy a set of thumb screws for your paper holders as well. Purchase: Thumb Screw Kit. Each Paper Holder is tapped for a 3/8-16 bolt to tighten on a 1X2 furring strip OR custom furring strips.

This kit is a replacement kit in the event that you have damaged your original paper holders.

There is a saying and it always seems to ring true: Anything downrange will eventually get shot. Yes, even your paper holders. The Gen 1 20″ base featured welded paper holders. While this is ideal for a permanent and rugged base, it wasn’t the best in the event that a paper holder got damaged downrange. Now you can easily replace if/when they get damaged downrange with the new removable paper holders.

Our Breakdown Base is purpose built for serious training.

The Breakdown Target Base is a more versatile and serviceable base than traditional bases. Coupling this base with these extended paper holders results in a base that can accommodate 24X36 paper targets and other larger targets. Use with either 1X2 furring strips OR custom furring strips.

Material 14GA Mild Steel, Laser Cut & CNC Formed
Finish Powder Coat
Assembly Yes, Assembly Required
Hardware Incl? Yes.
Base Compatibility Gen 2 20″ Round Base, Breakdown Base, Cardboard Base
Approximate Height 5″
Approximate Width 3″
Board Type Can be used with 1X2 furring strips

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What Generation base will these paper holders function with?
  • These paper holders are meant for the TA Targets Breakdown Base AND Cardboard Target Base.
2.) Do I bolt the paper holders on the top side of the base flange, or the bottom side?
  • It really doesn’t matter. They can be bolted either on the side of the base resting on the ground, or the top side. The bolt should always start through the bottom of the base.
3.) Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?
  • Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit


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