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Surefire SR07 Switch Assembly


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The Surefire SR07 switch is a momentary and constant switch in one unit.

End users looking to run a pressure pad with their M640DF, M640V, M340V and other scout variations will need this accessory. The rear tail cap is NOT included in this package. Purchase the UE-BK Tail cap HERE.  The Scout lights come with a push button cap from factory, so the UE-BK rear cap is necessary for switches. Switches add versatility and function and allow prioritization on light position close to the muzzle.

Quick rundown of specifications:
  • Momentary AND Constant functions
  • Waterproof plug construction
  • Easy installation, clips onto standard picatinny rail sections
  • NO TOOLS required
  • Tape switch and 7″ cable included with this kit

Grab this kit today to add a remote pressure switch to your surefire weapon light.

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The Surefire SR07 switch kit brings momentary and constant function into one easy to use pressure pad. This pressure switch is for Surefire Scout weapon lights.

Why consider running a remote tape switch or pressure pad:

While it is possible to run the surefire scout lights with their included push button tail cap, a tape switch is more versatile. Mounting the light closest to the muzzle is often ideal, and a tape switch allows more flexibility in placement.

The SR07 switch brings flexibility and function to your surefire scout weapon lights.


SureFire Tail caps





Other Features

Momentary and Constant




1.) What is the purpose of the SR07 switch?  

The SR07 switch is a momentary and constant switch for surefire weapon lights. Note: Tail cap is NOT included with this pressure switch.

2.) Part compatibility:

This pressure pad will work with the UE-BK tail cap as well as other surefire tail caps for scout weapon lights.

3.) How is this switch installed? 

No tools are needed for installation. This pressure pad simply “snaps” over standard picatinny rail sections. No screws, no glue, no tape.

4.) Are these stocked or drop shipped? 

We stock what is shown on our site here in our warehouse. These are NOT drop shipped. We hold the inventory, we ship at time of order.


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