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Level IV Rifle Plate By Premier Armor


Body armor is as protected by the second amendment as firearms.

Free men have the right to own firearms and fighting tools to remain free and to fight off attackers. We have consistently seen the craziness unfolding in our world and we continue to desire to equip regular citizens with tools to defend lives.

Body armor is a passive solution to an active problem.

At Arkayne we stock a variety of armor. Body armor is important because it is a discreet and effective means of passive defense against attackers. The plates you are looking at here are a Level IV rated ESAPI plate manufactured by Premier Armor. This is an excellent product that has been designed and tested to defend against even extremely potent ammunition and bullet construction.

A few specs about this armor plate:
  • Ultra Lightweight at only 4.4 pounds EACH
  • Multi-Hit Rated
  • Tiled Composite Strike Face
  • Polyethylene Core
  • 100% Made in the USA

If you are on the search for a premium plate for your plate carrier, consider this Level IV beast.

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Hard armor plates are more mainstream than ever.

Having armor on tap, like a Level IV Rifle Plate from Premier Armor, are as much of a right as owning your firearm. Armor is an inanimate object, a passive means of protection. Tyrants despise armor because it hardens regular citizens. It creates effective protection for free Americans.

In a world riddled with violence and chaos, armor affords additional protection.

An ESAPI cut Level IV Rifle Plate is rated to defend against most modern and readily available calibers and ammo. Level IV plates offer the widest level of protection in an extremely small package. Ditch the Steel “LeVeL ThReE” plates and run some quality armor to protect your soft inside parts.

Steel armor is outdated and dangerous, modern armor is where it is at.

For many years steel armor was seen as an effective means of personal protection. While it DOES stop bullets, it can also be extremely inconsistent and dangerous. One thing it CERTAINLY is: HEAVY. Steel armor is nearly triple the weight of these Level IV plates and offers less protections. This leads to faster fatigue, more risk for injury, and less mobility.

Steel is great for certain applications, but not body armor.

There is no snake oil with these plates. Premier performs independent tests on their armor, and they are constructed to the highest standards in the industry. Putting on low quality armor is downright dangerous. It isn’t worth risking life and limb running sketchy plates that offer little to no protection at all.

Strike Face

Tiled Composite Strike Face


Polyethylene Core


Approximately 4.8 Pounds EACH

NIJ Tested?

Yes Independently to NIJ 0101.06 Level IV




10″ X 12″

Country of MFG

United States of America

Rifle Rated?


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What calibers is this plate designed to defeat? Answer: 9mm, 357 Mag, 357 Sig, 44 Mag, 12 GA, 7.62×39, 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855, 7.62X51 M80, 7.62X54R, 30.06 AP.

2.) Can body armor be defeated? Answer: Absolutely. Wearing body armor does NOT guarantee that a round cannot pass through and still impact your body. Body armor is one METHOD of defense, but it is not guaranteed to stop all threats. Armor is a supplement to other lifesaving skills and equipment and should not be looked at as a guarantee of safety. Use it smart, train with it, but also create redundant systems and tools.

3.) Will the ESAPI cut work for me? Answer: Most likely. The ESAPI is a bit larger plate than a shooters cut. A shooters cut is a bit easier to shoulder a rifle, but it does sacrifice some protection. We decided to stock the ESAPI because it is a good balance of comfort and offers enough shoulder room for proper stock placement.


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