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Gunfighter Gun Oil Small Kit


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Gunfighter gun oil is known as a top tier solution for USA manufactured synthetic gun oils and gun cleaners. The company was founded to offer solutions for modern fighting rifles and pistols and was built on non-toxic lineup of firearm cleaners and lubricants.

  • Non-Toxic/Non Hazardous
  • Designed to clean and lubricate even the dirtiest firearms
  • Waterborne cleaner formula = environmentally safe
  • Synthetic grease and oil is extremely high quality
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe on all types of firearm platforms
  • Scent free (Don’t worry. The deer or tyrants will not smell you.)
  • Cleaner preps firearms for proper lubrication from oil or grease

Gun Fighter offers the highest quality synthetic oils and non-toxic cleaners on the market. This kit includes one 4oz bottle of cleaner, one 4oz bottle of gun oil, one 1oz tube of synthetic gun grease.

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Gun Fighter manufactures the highest quality cleaners and lubricants for your firearms.

Trust your gun care to a safe, non-toxic cleaning and lubrication solution. Don’t mess with toxic junk that doesn’t help your gun operate smoothly.

Made In The USA.

This gun cleaner, oil and grease is manufactured in the US and meant to be a premium cleaning and lubrication solution for all firearm types and actions. Use this cleaner prior to applying Gun Fighter gun oil to your firearm.

This cleaner is odorless and non-toxic. While we still recommend using gloves during firearm cleaning, rest assured your cleaner will not be poisoning you. Pay for what you want and none of the toxic “fluff” other manufacturers mix into their gun oil.

The Gun Oil and Grease is also non-toxic and odorless.

Your guns depend on your decision to run quality cleaners and gun oil. Do not skimp on this!

View safety and data sheet for GunFighter Gun Oil here: Gun Fighter Gun Oil Safety Data

View safety and data sheet for cleaner here: Gun Fighter Gun Cleaner Safety Data

View safety and data sheet for grease here: Gun Fighter Gun Grease Safety Data

This kit includes one bottle of gun oil, one bottle of gun cleaner, one tube of grease.

  • Non-Toxic/Non Hazardous
  • Designed to clean & Lubricate even the dirtiest firearms
  • Waterborne Cleaner formula = environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable Cleaner
  • Synthetic Gun Grease and Oil = high performance
  • Grease will stay put
  • Oil does not get tacky over time
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Safe on all types of firearm platforms
  • Scent free (Don’t worry. The deer or tyrants will not smell you.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) When you say odorless, does it mean “odorless”? Answer: To our noses, we smell nothing. This is because Gun Fighter does NOT add fragrance to their gun oils. Why would companies add fragrance? To make you feel good. It serves no purpose. Also: These are fighting weapons. Don’t go into battle smelling like lavender. That’s just weird.

2.) How often should I clean my firearms? Answer: As often as they are needed to stay in service and ready to fight or shoot. This varies for each and every firearm. As a rule of thumb, we like to clean our rifles and pistols at around 1000 rounds. This varies for range guns or defensive guns. Ultimately, each person should consult their manuals, but also rely on their experiences with their particular firearms over time.

3.) Is it possible to over clean a firearm? Answer: We think so. Do you change your cars oil before every drive? When was the last time you popped the main caps off your crank to measure the tolerances of your main bearings on your vehicle? Ultimately your guns are tools that are designed to run in hostile environments and they EACH have their own service intervals. This is NOT justification to ignore servicing your firearms. It is, however, a reminder that having barrels lined with gobs of gun oil or stray particles from cleaning patches DOES affect accuracy. Clean your guns at realistic intervals.

4.) How do I use this cleaner? Answer: The cleaner can be diluted into water up to a 10:1 ratio (water to cleaner), or use the cleaner on its own. Working over a utility sink or pan, use a brush to scrub your firearm and parts to break away stubborn carbon buildup and dirt. Extremely stubborn carbon may need to be scraped off. Once all dirt is loose, simply rinse with warm water. Simply allow parts to dry and apply a small amount of Gunfighter Gun Oil to your parts per your manuals recommendations. Remember: The junk on your gun (burnt powder, carbon, etc.) can be hazardous to your health. Wear gloves and PPE.

5.) When should I use firearm grease? Answer: We use grease anytime we want a heavier lubricant that will stay put better than oil. One example is the cam on an AR15 bolt. Grease is a great solution for this particular component. Use it wherever a heavier lubricant is needed.

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