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Expedition First Aid Kit


Let’s be real. Those little kits you get from big box stores don’t cut it when out on an adventure in the middle of nowhere. They often do not have the proper supplies to take care of many medical emergencies. The Expedition First Aid Kit from Live The Creed fixes that.

You need a kit that covers major trauma, General First Aid, Breaks/Fractures and more. With this kit you can go on your trek (or ruck) into the wilderness with a peace of mind that you have the tools you need in an emergency with the medical training and knowledge you possess.

See below to see what this kit includes.

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Expedition First Aid Kit

Going on an Expedition without a first aid kit? You’re crazy. We aren’t even trying to gaslight, its actually wild you would do that.

This kit is the perfect tool for your rucks out into the middle of nowhere with the boys. It provides everything you need for most major trauma scenarios as well as tools for general first aid and breaks/fractures. Also included, is gear like an emergency blanket to keep you warm and dry in dire situations. All the medical gear is housed in a resealable Mylar bag and provides enough supplies for 1-2 people. Be prepared whether it is a short hike nearby or a long expedition in the middle of nowhere.

Some notable pieces of gear in the Expedition First Aid Kit that are included are:

SWAT Tourniquet/Pressure Bandage
-Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing
-24″ Moldable Aluminum Splint
-CPR Face Shield
-Assorted Bandages/Gauze​
-(2) Pair XL Bear Claw Gloves Tan
-Topical and medication packs


It is important to be familiar with the items in your medical kit and have a basic understanding of when & how to use them. By purchasing this first aid kit you release Arkayne Co and Live The Creed of any liability and consent to having the proper training and knowledge to use the items of this kit properly.

Specifications: 8×10, 1lb, Packed In The USA


Bleeding Control Supplies:
-SWAT Tourniquet/Pressure Bandage
-Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing
-Compressed Gauze

First Aid Supplies:
-24″ Moldable Aluminum Splint
-CPR Face Shield
-Assorted Bandages
-(2) 4×4″ Gauze Pads
-(2) 3×3″ Gauze Pads
​-Emergency Blanket
-(2) Pair XL Bear Claw Gloves Tan
-Splinter Out
-Steri-Strips (wound closure strips)
-Duct Tape Roll

-Bacitracin Packs (2)
-Burn Gel Packs (2)
-Iodine Wipes (2)
-Alcohol Wipes (2)
-Hand sanitizer wipes (2)

-Aspirin Packs (2)
-Ibuprofen Packs (2)
-Antihistamine Pack (2)

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