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Exodus Values Table Tee

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This Exodus Values Table Tee is perfect for all occasions. Sizes run pretty typical for T-Shirts. Not too tight, not too loose. Great fit, great quality that is comfortable. Fabrics are nice and soft, comfortable and stylish. Show off your favorite company, and keep yourself focused on the values that matter to you and looking good at the same time with the Exodus Values Table Tee.


Exodus Values Table Tee

The Exodus Values Table Tee displays the elements that make us who we are in a period where the world is starving for attention, truth, love, and identity. One thing is for sure, there is a definite emotional, psychological, and even spiritual void. Society is constantly bombarded with propaganda telling us that our life is worth a number of likes, coins, and followers. With the Exodus Values Tee, we aim to change that, even if just a small drop in a vast ocean. The Exodus Values Table Tee presents a set of ideas to focus on throughout our every day life.

The outside world is constantly trying to pull us to consume all kinds of products and services that provide value to some group outside of ourselves and yet somehow leaving us with a pile of threads in our hands which eventually erode away, rendering us empty with a combination of our own thoughts and the influence of outside chatter once again. In today’s age, we are surrounded with the most clear, in-your-face proof that WORDS HAVE POWER. Words guide thoughts, thoughts direct action, action manifests our reality both collectively and individually. Ultimately it is impossible to get away from the fact that we are all responsible for the world around us. As within, so without.

We aim to develop a strong culture within our own company first and hopefully we can impact the outer world while we are at it. These are our Exodus values:


Weather it is faith in a heavenly Father/King or God of various names, ethereal master of the universe, or simply the core part of your inward self who provides you with the strength and determination to handle anything that comes your way; most of us can agree, learn, and become stronger from maintaining a thought life that places our faith at the pinnacle. Along with this comes the healing we all need through learning how to take care of yourself and truly love you. This is identity in seed form. It is on this first value that all other values hinge. It is impossible to love you, without learning what it takes to provide for your needs and therefore the needs of others. Which brings us to our second core value.


Family is more than just your core, nuclear family. In fact this is where society begins. You, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your siblings, these are the nucleus of the complex, multi-cell organism that is the rest of society. We don’t all agree on the particulars of who the specific individuals are who are trying to combat this, but one thing is clear to all of us… someone or something is actively trying to destroy the nuclear family. This means that it is more important now than ever for us, as in ALL OF HUMANITY, to build and gird up our families! This is where identity truly begins to take form and sprout its fingers and toes.


If you want to weaken your mind, allow your body to atrophy. Stay home, isolate, watch tv way too much and stay inactive. These are the key ingredients to blood clots, muscle and joint pain, and all kinds of other problems. We need to surround ourselves with people who are interested in being active and fit! We are shaped by the culture around us, and we shape the culture around us. Ultimately this cycle starts in our minds because it is all we truly have control over, thought life.

If we begin to focus on the idea of fitness and determine inside of ourselves that we are going to open our minds to be welcoming and happy about the idea of continuing that journey, then it actually becomes a thing to look forward to. Not the end result, but the physical action it takes to get there. Try it, direct your mind and see what happens. Keep doing that for a while and see how things that are around you and seem to be out of your control begin to change as well.


One thing that is always on everyone’s minds is the economy. Especially right now. Financial management can be a daunting skill to refine. It is imperative that, as a society, we all spend time developing out plans and learning various devices in order to become financially independent and fortified. Money is a funny concept because, the more you need it and lack it, the more you have to focus on doing whatever is necessary to obtain it and therefore worship it. Some people see it as an inherent evil, while others may view it as a measure of success.

The honest truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. When it comes down to it, financial management is simply resource/ commodity management. When we manage our resources properly, it becomes a shield which can protect us and our loved ones from all kinds of dangers like manipulation and extortion among many other things. We as a society have developed habits of depending outside of ourselves and our families for way too much for way too long. It’s time to start creating a culture of taking responsibility.


The moment these core values begin to come in line, they are often accompanied with a since of fulfillment. They also conveniently provide a life where you can begin to think about what does bring you the most fulfillment. What is it that makes you feel like you have enough energy to just go limitlessly? What helps you sleep better at night? It’s almost like you were created for a purpose. Like a mission was integrated in the core of your being. You see things a certain way to which others seem to be oblivious. Naturally, you seem to understand how to do things that others are just bad at. Interests and skills that you have are needed in society but many people simply are not interested, or do not enjoy doing them like you do.


This is all a recipe for developing a strong people group who can obtain freedom for themselves and others. If Fulfillment is in place then no one has a problem with the old saying “no work, no food” because everyone is truly passionate about what they do and therefore they do the greatest job as well as never leaching off of others. Every person brings strength to the whole group. When this is the case, it is very difficult for any outside force to do major harm without the use of physical force.


Our final value for creating a functioning and sustainable healthy culture is Fruition. This is the concept of building the culture around you, instilling strong morals and values in those around you. Especially the younger generations around you. Whether it is your own children or the young adults you work with or see frequently in one way or another, probably the most important part of developing and sustaining a healthy culture is reproducing good, strong values in others.

Keep these truths and core values in front of you as a reminder to improve your own life and also those around you. Let’s make this world a better place one thought, one word, and one action at a time. This is the reason for the Exodus Values Table Tee.

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