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Tekto Knives A3 Delta


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Tekto Knives A3 Delta

The Tekto Knives A3 Delta is a folding automatic knife that combines the consistency of a folder and the speed of an OTF. This knife offers elegance and durability in a reliable and consistent form factor. Sacrifice nothing, be ready for anything.  On that note: Due to the 1958 Switchblade Act, we will ONLY ship this knife inside the state of Pennsylvania. If you are a Pennsylvania resident, feel free to order. Other states will NOT process and will show an error. This is what happens when we as people allow government to over regulate us. You know, “FoR OuR OwN GoOd.” We will be doing more and more content on knife laws and how much BS we have allowed to exist. Stay tune, fight for your right to carry what you want.


Tekto Knives A3 Delta

The Tekto Knives A3 Delta is a folding automatic knife that combines the consistency of a folder and the speed of an OTF. This knife offers elegance and durability in a reliable and consistent form factor. Sacrifice nothing, be ready for anything.


Positioned at the rear, a crimson red indicator signals the knife’s readiness to strike, while a forward shift activates the lock, reinforcing its steadfast closure and effectively deterring any unauthorized attempts to open it.


Strategically positioned jimping on the handle, combined with expertly contoured contours, create an unparalleled grip that not only fills the hand perfectly but also guarantees exceptional comfort in various hand positions, ensuring an unrivaled tactile experience.


Offers an enhanced thumb position, improved control, and versatile hand positioning with enhanced functionality, maneuverability, and tactical precision with or without gloves.

Chosen by our team because we value functionality and liberty.
The A3 Delta is a wicked combination of speed, agility, durability, and functionality. It features an automatic open feature for speed and consistency. The folding form factor will be second nature to anyone who has used a folder previously. This is a more traditional take on an automatic knife. Keep in mind: Automatic knife laws (unconstitutional decrees) still apply. For this reason, we ONLY ship this knife to Pennsylvania residents at this time.
Stocked, Shipped, and CS delivered by our team!

We PHYSICALLY stock these blades in our warehouse. No drop shipping here. Your order and products are handled by us.

Knives and Legality Statement:

***We will ONLY ship this knife to customers with a Pennsylvania billing AND shipping Address until further notice.***

We put in place SOME restrictions (based on state laws) for these products. If you cannot order this knife, chances are you reside in a location that has strict knife laws. We have done our best to create restrictions within our site to avoid selling to customers who cannot possess these blades. Ultimately we CANNOT be responsible for your purchasing decisions. By purchasing this product, you assume ALL liability for the purchase, receipt, possession and use of this product under applicable law. We are not attorneys. We will not offer you legal advice on this matter. Do your own research to make sure you are in alignment with your local laws and regulations prior to ordering or possessing and carrying this product. By Purchasing this knife you are guaranteeing that you are NOT a restricted person who cannot legally possess this item.


Handle Material: G10

Blade Material: Titanium-Coated D2 Steel

Hardness: 60-62

Blade Style: Drop Point

Locking: Button Lock with Safety Switch


Blade Length: 3.60” (92mm)

Handle Length: 5.20″ (132mm)

Open Length: 8.90″ (227mm)

Handle Width: 0.54″ (13.7mm)

Weight: 5.96oz (169g)

Frequently Asked Questions
1.) Can I switch the pocket carry clip?

Answer: Yes! The clip is pre-installed on the right side of the knife. You can choose to mount the clip on the opposite side if you desire.

2.) Does the A3 Delta have a glass breaker?

Answer: Yes. This is a standard option fastened into the frame of the knife on the back side.

3.) How does the A3 Delta Open Up?

Answer: The A3 Delta Opens utilizing a folding auto mechanism, providing an ultra-fast deployment to deal with any situation you may face.

4.) How do I know if the blade is locked?

Answer: You will know the blade is locked when the sliding lock is in the further back position and NOT revealing the read marking/arrow. If you see red, the blade is ready for deployment.

5.) Is the blade pre-sharpened?

Answer: Yes. The blade will arrive clean, sharp and ready for use. You will need to re-sharpen as you use the knife.

6.) What states restrict the posession of this type of knife?

Answer: While this list is NOT legal advice, from our research the following states do NOT allow possession of any kind of this knife.

  • Delaware
  • Washington DC
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana (unless used as a collection piece. We will not ship to Montana)
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York (Restrictions apply, we will not ship to your state)
  • Virginia
  • Washington State


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