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Infiray Outdoor Bolt TX60C


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The Bolt TX60C

The Bolt TX60C is the one to rule them all! If your not one to look at the price tag and you want the best weapons mounted thermal in the game this is the one for you. This device is on the cutting edge of what we would call “affordable” thermal technology. Yes, there are 1280 core thermals available, but when you take into account the 3X 60mm lens this baby comes with, you’ll start to understand why we pick this 1024×1024 core unit over the 1280 for long range engagement.

When you start with 1280 core resolution and only a 2X base magnification then double the images zoom to 4X you have 640 core clarity. Now take the 1024 sensor in the TX60C starting at 3x base magnification and double its zoom to 6X and you’ll have 512 pixel resolution. This is why this beast rules the roost in long range engagement.

Grab a ILR-1200 Laser Rangerfinder to further your night time capabilities as it connects seamlessly with this device.

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  • Add a ILR-1200 Laser Rangefinder to your TX60C order?

    Add an ILR-1200 Laser Rangefinder to seamlessly connect a potent rangefinder to your TX60C for easy range finding.


InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TX60C

If you want the best long range capable weapon mounted thermal on the market this is the scope for you.

The thermal scope to rule them all

With a 3x base magnification and 1024×1024 resolution the specs speak for themselves. This unit is hands down the clearest thermal at distance that we have ever handled here at Arkayne. Most thermals suffer tremendously while you use the digital zoom… Not this bad boy, it runs up to 16x digital zoom and is extremely usable the whole way through the zoom field.

Recoil activated recording

Did we forget to mention that the TX60C has recoil activated recording so you don’t miss those critical shots. Yeah we like that too. For a scope of this quality with this feature set to be listed at around 7 thousand dollars is absolutely a game changer in the thermal industry. Nothing else compares!

The exchangeable 18650 batteries can be hot swapped during use so you can keep this thermal running non stop in those intense moments. The 2560×2560 display shows you more than double the pixels available coming from the sensor. It’s no wonder this things got the best image we’ve ever seen.

Infiray Outdoor Bolt TX60C
Sensor Specifications  Type InfiRay MICRO II
Resolution, pixels 1024×1024
Pixel pitch, μm 12μm
NETD, mK <18mK
Frame Rate, Hz 50Hz
Optical Specifications  Objective Lens,mm 60mm
Optic Zoom, x 3x
Field of View, degrees 11.7°
Digital Zoom, x 16x
Eye Relief, mm 50mm
Diopter Adjustment, D -5 to +3.5
Detection Range, yd 2700yd
Display Specifications Type AMOLED
Resolution, pixels 2560×2560
Wi-Fi Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi
Frequency, GHz 2.4GHz
Video Recorder Video / Photo Resolution, pixel  2560×2560
Video / Photo Format .mp4 / .jpg
Built-in Memory, GB 128GB
Physical Specifications Degree of Protection, IP code IP67
Operating Temperature Range, °F -4 to+122
Weight, oz 35.27oz
Dimensions, inch 15.12×4.09×3.03
Connections and Compatibilities Battery Type 18650
Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=72°F), h 8+
External Power Supply, V  5V (Type C USB)
Max Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon (Eo) 1000g/s²
Compatible Mounts Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 Rail


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