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12X36 Gun Cleaning Mat – Weathered

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Cleaning your firearms is a critically important step in maintenance of your weapons. Having a quality mat for cleaning purposes protects your table surfaces from lubricants and cleaners. It also helps prevent scratches on firearms.

A Few quick traits about our Gun Cleaning Mats:
  • Designed & Manufactured in the US
  • Shipped directly from our facility to our customers
  • Made from a very lightweight yet durable vulcanized rubber
  • Various designs available on our website to compliment your office or workspace
  • Great for any desk surface, even for office work (Think: Extra large mousepad)

Our Rifle and Pistol mats are oil and solvent resistant. Protect your firearm and your workspaces with these high quality, American made gun cleaning mats.

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Our gun mats provide safety to your firearms and working surfaces.

Protect your table and your firearms from unnecessary scratches and blemishes by purchasing some of our mats. Cleaning firearms is a vital aspect of training and being a prepared citizen. Having tools on hand, like these gun mats, create a cleaner, safer environment for care and cleaning.

Gun Mats provide many other uses in your home and office.

While these mats were designed for gun cleaning initially, they are also a fantastic accent to any workspace. Many of our team members use our Rifle and Pistol Mats on their work desks. Think of them as a huge mousepad. They also protect desk surfaces from use and abuse during the office day. Face it: We know you drop your calculator, scissors, and pens on your desk more than once per day. Protect that desk and add a cool design to your spaces.

Multiple Sizes of Gun Mats are available.

The size you are looking at here is 12X36. This size is perfect for most modern defense and offense rifles, like the AR15. Need a smaller size gun cleaning mat? Check out our 12X27 mat found HERE.

Material Vulcanized Rubber
Design Style Arkayne Weathered Design
Bottom Texture Non-Slip Texture on Bottom
Thickness of Mat 1/8″ Thickness
Top Material Soft Heat Bonded Polyester, Printed
Print Method Dye Sublimation Prevents Fading
Dimensions 12″W x 36″L
Solvent and Oil Resistant? Yes
Country of Origin Designed & Manufactured in U.S.A.



  • Why Do I need a gun cleaning mat?
    • Answer: Having a gun cleaning mat is a good idea for many reasons. One of the major reasons for having a mat like this is containment of oils and solvents. Cleaning guns is dirty. Don’t do it directly on a table you eat off. The mat keeps a barrier between your furniture and your firearm and cleaning components.
  • How Durable are the mats? 
    • Answer: Any of our handgun or rifle mats are extremely durable and are built for a lifetime of use. They are also priced right so you don’t have to feel bad buying multiple different designs.
  • How long will the printed top layer last? 
    • Answer: We have been using some of our original mats from around the 2018/2019 timeframe. We use them weekly, they still look great.
  • Are there other uses for the mats? 
    • Answer: Yes! We use them often on our office desks. They work great as large mouse pads, they accent rooms well.
  • Do you offer custom mats? 
    • Answer: No we do not. But rest assured: We have more and more styles being developed regularly. Feel free to grab one of each for your workspaces!
  • Is this system covered under your warranty?
    • Answer: Yes! The mats are covered under a lifetime warranty. If they break down or fail under normal, non-abusive use, we will send a replacement.
  • What are the lead times on the gun cleaning mats? 
    • Answer: Lead times vary depending on the time of year, however most orders ship in a day or two. Please allow 1-10 days for normal order processing.
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