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InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TL35 / TH50C


Lead Time on this product: 15-30 Days, Email: for more info
For folks looking for a dedicated weapon mounted thermal without breaking the bank, look no further than the TL35.

The Bolt TL35 is a 3X base magnification and although it is a 384 core, we have been extremely impressed with the clarity this optic offers. We recognize that not everyone has the budget to purchase a $5-6K thermal for hunting, so we set out to dive into several other mid-tier priced units for our customers. We naturally landed on the TL35 as a viable option.

30mm body means a wide variety of mounts will adapt this optic to any platform

Although the bolt might have been originally designed for bolt action rifles, this thermal scope will fit right at home on modern rifles with the right mount. Users can mount the TL35 in a cantilever mount and run it successfully on their AR15 or use the included rings for a bolt action build.

A quick run down of the specs of this dedicated weapons mounted thermal:
  • 384X288 core
  • 12 Micron Sensor
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • Optical Magnification: 3X
  • Digital Magnification: 4X, stepped
  • Objective Focal Length: 35mm F/1.1

This optic is a good choice for anyone looking for solid performance at a lower price point than a 640+ core thermal scope.


Thermal scopes are taking the nation by storm

Thermal Scopes, like the iRay Bolt TL35, are taking the world of darkness by storm. Everyone can benefit from seeing in the dark, regardless of how they use their firearms and gear. Thermal technology continues to rapidly develop and expand into new territories. As higher end units continue to push the limit, mid tier units are taking the market by storm and are at affordable prices.

The Bolt TL35 is perfect for anyone looking for a well rounded thermal scope

While we generally like to stick with 640×480 and better thermal optics, we also recognize that they will often be priced out of our customers budgets. As soon as we landed on the iRay Bolt TL35, we knew that it filled that void well. This unit has a great resolution for its core type and is packed with features.

If your priority is a well balanced thermal scope that is less than $4,000, this will be a solid option. If a 640 core thermal is your priority, check our line up HERE.


Onboard Recording: Video and Image
Sensor Resolution: 384×288/640×512
Detection Range: 1750 Yards
Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Sensor Pixel Size: 12μm
Objective Focal Length: 35mm/50mm
Optical Magnification: 3X/3.5X
Digital Magnification: 4X


1.) What is the battery life of the TL35/TH50C

Dual internal batteries means users can expect 10+ hours of run time with the TL35

2.) What are proper batteries for the TL35/TH50C? 

The TL35 has a battery port for an additional 18500 or 18650 battery to extend its run time.

3.) What is included with the TL35/TH50C? 

The TL35 includes two rings/bases for mounting, power cable, user manual and soft case.

4.) How much better is 640 vs 320 or 384 core?  

We typically only recommend 640×480 or better cores. The image clarity and quality is substantially better than a 320 or 384 core. With that being said, if your budget doesn’t allow the price tag of a 640 core, lower resolution may be the only option. You can get a lot of work done with lower resolution, but when it comes to helmet mounting, 640×480 is the way. We will say this: iRay has done a fantastic job with their 384 core thermal units. We have been blown away by the clarity. It won’t be as crisp as a 640×480 or 640×512, but it is definitely capable.

5.) What about a warranty?

Contact iRay after purchase to register for their warranty. If there is ever an issue, we would be happy to assist. Ultimately, if a unit is defective, iRay will handle the replacement. However, part of us doing right by our customers is helping any way we can. If you experience issues, email us at

6.) Is the Bolt Series able to be helmet mounted or used as a handheld? 

Negative on the helmet mounting. Technically it “could” be used as a handheld, but this is a dedicated weapon mounted thermal. If helmet or handheld thermal is desired, check out the other options on our website.

7.) Does the TL35/TH50C feature internal recording? 

Yes, the TL35 can record videos or photos internally. The files can be easily transferred by plugging the unit into your computer.

9.) What is the best base magnification of a thermal scope? 

We tend to prefer lower magnifications for our terrain. That being said, anything 1-4X base magnification will suffice for most folks. Any higher and it gets harder to scan larger areas. If you already have helmet mounted thermal, this is a non-issue as you will scan with that. Remember: the base magnification will be the clearest magnification. Everything higher is digital. We like using the base magnification and PIP mode when shooting prey.

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