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Digital Night Vision Scope: Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 LRF


Digital Nightvision scopes are becoming more and more available and the technology is rapidly expanding. Digital Night Vision can actually have an edge on thermal optics in certain situations. These situations include when game is among brush or debris, the digital night vision displays ALL the details. Thermal may not show as much detail, depending on the optic and settings.

Digital nightvision scope vary in price and performance. The Digisight Ultra N450 LRF is in the middle of the spectrum, offering higher performance than the SightMark Wraith HD series of night vision scopes but still priced lower than most high performance thermal scopes.


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The Pulsar Digisight N450 LRF is a potent digital night vision scope WITH integrated IR illuminator and laser aiming device. Mount this scope to most rifles with Picatinny top sections for a solid night time hunting rig. While we definitely like the sight mark Wraith HD series of digital night vision scopes due to the price points, the Digisight definitely has a leg up on them in terms of features and performance. With that being said, its a fairly large optic as you can see from the pictures and it is a pretty hefty scope weighing almost 2.5 pounds alone.

Pros: High performance scope, highly refined. This optic is packed with lots of features hunters will find very useful in the field.

Cons: We tend to add an aftermarket adjustable IR illuminator. Out of the box the IR performs well but it is very much a “flood” style light. Fine for open fields but if you are like us and you hunt in brush and cover, a unit like the Fox Pro Gun fire 3 color light are a solid option. This optic is also very large and has some weight to it.

One thing to note: These units shown are IN STOCK which means no lead time. If you see that we have stock, that means these will ship within 1-3 days average. We don’t do you like the other guys. We connect you with solid gear fast. It’s just how we do.

  • lower magnification allows shooters to have a larger FOV which means higher chances at positively identifying game
  • CMOS 1280×720 Sensor, precise detail rendering
  • 4.5-18X Digital Zoom
  • Powerful Long Range IR Illuminator built in
  • Fully Waterproof IPX7 Rating
  • High tolerance to recoil (12Ga/.375 H&H)
  • Scalable Ballistic reticles
  • Advertised effective range: 550M
  • Objective Lens: F50/1.2
  • Daytime Color Mode
  • Night Vision Mode
  • Build in HD Video Recording
  • 10 Reticle options and 6 color modes
  • Approximately 2.4 Pounds
  • Micro USB input for external power (if desired. Also runs on 4X AA Batteries)
  • Weaver rail on top for accessories (like IR illumination or aiming devices)
  • 5 Weapon Profile Saves, 50 different distances
  • Approximately 6 hours continuous run time per charge of the B Type battery packs
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