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AGM StingIR 640


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The AGM StingIR 640 is one of the most compact and lightweight thermal monoculars that we carry at a price point this low.

Folks often want high performance, but get turned off by the extremely high price points of 640X480 core resolution thermal monoculars. The AGM StingIR 640 fills in the gap, offering high performance at a VERY reasonable price point.

Equipped with a 640×480 12μm high-sensitivity infrared detector and a high-resolution OLED display; the StingIR is a full- featured unit, weighing in at under 7 ounces (200 grams). This monocular can be helmet mounted for hands-free utilization. In addition, the SingIR can function as a stand-alone thermal scope, handheld, or clip-on.

The StingIR also includes a digital compass, inclinometer, up to 8x digital zoom and is functional with two different types of replaceable CR123 or 18650 batteries. Built in is a high-sensitivity thermal detector which provides a clear view in any lighting condition.

If you need a 640 resolution thermal, but don’t want to spend $5000+ and still need high performance, the AGM StingIR might be the perfect optic for your needs.


Reliable, potent, handheld, helmet, and weapon mountable thermal for your kit.

The AGM StingIR 640 thermal monocular is a rugged, compact, and potent thermal optic. Thermal optics are a crowd favorite among our team as they enable more efficient and successful positive ID in TOTAL darkness. This unit is one of the most compact and lightweight thermal monoculars in our lineup. This unit brings a form factor like the MH25 to life, yet has the ability to be weapon mounted, like the RH25, all in one package.

The AGM StingIR 640 brings 640 core resolution to the table, but comes in at a more aggressive price point. For many people, other 640X480 thermal monoculars are simply out of budget. This unit makes high resolution, high power thermal monoculars obtainable to normal people.

The StingIR features a 12μm high-sensitivity detector and 640X480 core resolution. It runs off one CR123A OR 18650 battery (with included housing extension). You can helmet OR weapon mount this unit using the included mounts/hardware. [The maximum caliber is .223/5.56NATO] For helmet mounts, shop HERE. The StingIR features multiple color palettes (white hot, black hot, color, etc.).Users can expect up to 5 hours of run time continuous with the 18650 battery installed.

More value for our customers:

As an even further value add for your purchase, we include a dovetail adapter. This dovetail adapter attaches to one of the threaded holes on the unit. This is compatible with the MOD Armory bridge.


■ 12μm high-sensitivity detector

■ 384×288 or 640×480 resolution

■ Head- or helmet-mountable for hands-free usage

■ Compact, sturdy design

■ High-resolution OLED display

■ Multiple thermal image palettes

■ Device supports up to 8× digital zoom

■ Powered by one CR123A/RCR123 or 18650 Lithium battery

■ Up to 5 hours continuous running ■ Digital compass and inclinometer ■ Type-C interface
■ Limited 3-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What is the core resolution of this unit, and how does it compare to iRay’s Units? Answer: The core resolution of this unit is 640X480. This is a very clear, powerful thermal. When considering the StingIR 640 and the RH25, the StingIR is MUCH lighter. When considering bridging thermal with a PVS14, every ounce matters. The StingIR has comparable performance when compared to iRay’s 640 core units. The iRay has a SLIGHT edge in terms of clarity over the StingIR, but that comes at a large increase in price.

2.) Does the StingIR have internal recording? Answer: No. The StingIR does not internally record.

3.) Caliber rating for weapon mounted use. Answer: The StingIR is ONLY rated for .223/5.56 NATO. If you desire to mount to a higher caliber rifle, we would recommend considering the NOX18 or the RH25.

4.) What mounts and attachments are included in the price? Answer: Included in the packaging are a PILE of different mounting options. It includes a weapon mount for picatinny rails as well as a way to mount to helmets into a mil spec dovetail mount, like the G24. This unit also includes a way to mount directly to a scope. As an extra value add, we include a mod armory dovetail adapter. We personally feel that this is the BEST option, and we HIGHLY recommend the mod armory bridge (found HERE) instead of the included helmet mount. But it is nice to know that right out of the box you will have many options.

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